Friday, 14 November 2014


Bornrif is the unofficial name of the lighthouse on the Dutch island Ameland, on the edge of the North Sea (53°26′57″N 5°37′32″E).  The 55 m (181 ft) round cast iron tower was built in 1880 by order of William III and painted with red and white horizontal bands. 
 The 2nd order Fresnel lens in use was used at Goedereede 1908-1912 and then at Westhoofd Lighthouse in Ouddorp from 1912 to 1940; it was installed at Ameland in 1952 and provides a flash with a range of 30 nautical miles (56 km). The lantern of this lighthouse was replaced in 1988. The original lantern is on display at the Reddingsmuseum in Hollum.
In 2004, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the municipality of Ameland and opened for tourists one year later. It is possible to climb the staircase with 236 steps (14 floors) up to the lantern and double gallery.
The postcard brings two Dutch Christmas stamps issued on November 17, 2009. TNT Post released a set of 20 Christmas stamps in ten different designs and a face value of 0.34€ each stamp. The illustrations on the stamps depict gifts that also serve as windows through which you look into a house from outside. White dots representing falling snowflakes complete the design of these original stamps.

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