Thursday, 18 July 2013


This white brick tower is one of the oldest, best known, and most accessible lighthouses of northern Finland.  Marjaniemi Lighthouse is located in the village of Marjaniemi on a sharp point at the western tip of Hailuoto Island, on the Gulf of Bothnia (65°02.40′N, 24°33.68′E). The light station was designed by Axel Hampus Dahlström and it was first lit in 1872. The 25 m (82 ft.) round white masonry tower has a red lantern with a green dome and a 110 step staircase to the top.
Two keepers and a lighthouse master took care of the lighthouse until 1962, when it became automated. Now the buildings are owned by the municipality of Hailuoto. Old pilot houses have become a hotel and hostel. 
EUROPA stamp issue for the year 2013 is dedicated to postal vehicles. Finnish Postal Administration issued on May 6, 2013 a pair of self-adhesive stamps which illustrates a modern and an old Finnish postal truck. The1st class stamp (1 LK/KL) depicts an old Volvo LV-70-1933 mail car.

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