Sunday, 3 March 2013


Anapa is a very popular beach resort situated in the southwest part of Krasnodarsky krai of the Russian Federation, on northern coast of the Black Sea near the Sea of Azov. The first light station built in Anapa was in 1909, but the tower was destroyed in 1943 during the WWII. The 20 m (66 ft.) octagonal masonry tower was built in 1955 on a seaside bluff at Verhnaja Naberezhnaja Street and is a traditional meeting place of both local inhabitants and tourists in Anapa (44°53’.27”N 37°17’93” E). The tower is painted white with three black horizontal bands only on the seaward side and its red light is visible from 18 nautical miles (33km). 
Russia Postal Service issued on September 11, 2012 a commemorative stamp celebrating the bicentenary of Fort Ross.  Fort Ross, the southernmost Russian settlement in North America, was founded on September 11, 1812 by Commerce Counselor Ivan Kuskov of the Russian-American Company, on the Californian coast, 80 kilometers north of San Francisco. Colony Ross was settled to produce food to support the Russian settlements in Alaska. Stockade, corner towers, warehouses and timber houses were built there. Later the first windmills in California and the shipyard, as well as brick and tannery, blacksmith, stables, carpentry, plumbing and shoemakers, a dairy farm were built. Nearby the fort settlers established kitchen gardens, orchards and vineyards. The Russian American Company was sold to Captain John Sutter in 1841, but those dedicated people became one of the California’s earliest entrepreneurs. The 13.00 RUB stamp depicts a panorama of Fort Ross of the first half of the XIX century.
A beautiful set of four stamps issued on October 19, 2005 marks the 300th anniversary of Sea Infantry of Russia. The regular Russian Navy was created at the initiative of Peter the Great in October 1696, during the second Azov campaign against Ottoman Empire. An order to form the first detachment of Marines was issued after the battle with Swedes on November 27, 1705. This date is considered to be the birth of the Russian Naval Infantry(Morskaya Pekhota), and since then it has fought in the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the Russo-Japanese War, and the First and Second World Wars. The 2.00 RUB stamp features the early sea Infantry and Boat.

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