Friday, 8 February 2013


Westkapelle is a small city on the westernmost tip of the island Walcheren, in the province Zeeland of the Netherlands. Westkapelle is known for its largest lighthouse: “Westkapelle High” or “the South Head” (51°31.752’N 3°26.832'E). The light is atop a 40 m (131 ft.) square brick tower built between 1458 and 1470 as a Gothic church, St. Willibrord Church.  On March 3rd, 1818 a beacon was first lit on the old church tower to serve as a lighthouse.  In the night of March 14, 1831 there was a big fire in the tower, which burned down the whole church, but the lighthouse survived.
The current 12 m (39 ft.) round red cast iron tower dates from 1906 and its light is visible from 28 nautical miles (52 km; 32 mi). The lighthouse was electrified in 1907, automated in 1981 and was completely restored in 2004. The tower has six floors and is open to the public for climbing.
Since 2008, The Dutch Post Office issue an annual set dedicated to the relationship between the Netherlands and different countries. On August 13, 2012 they issued “The Netherlands and Beyond” series depicting on six stamps, six characters who have played a major role in the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia.
The stamp on the postcard honors the architect Charles P. Wolff Schoemaker, who designed several distinguished modernist buildings in Bandung, Indonesia. On the stamp, a thumb can be seen lifting and turning over the Schoemaker’s portrait to reveal the image of the art-deco building Villa Isola in Bandung. The stamp has the inscription Wereld 1, which means that it is for items of mail weighing up to 20 grams destined for addresses outside Europe.

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