Sunday, 2 December 2012


One of the oldest and most historic lighthouses of Spain, this light was built in 1817 by the engineer Pery y Guzmán at the entrance to Malaga's harbor (36°42′50.93″N  4°24′52.47″O). The 37 m (121 ft) round masonry tower rises through the center of a 2-story keeper's house and is known affectionately as La Farola. It was damaged by an earthquake on Christmas Day 1884, and it was relit only in 1917 after a large reformation and refurbishment.  During the Spanish Civil War, on August 28, 1936, La Farola was deactivated by order of the Navy and received an earth-colored paint, with dark and light patches to camouflage. Nevertheless, it was seriously damaged during the war, because of which had to be rebuilt in 1939.
The Spanish Post Office issued on September 17, 2012 a set of four 0, 85 € stamps dedicated to the work of Pedro del Hierro, famous Madrid-born designer in haute couture. This "Spanish Fashion" series, which has been in circulation since 2007, features four of his creations as part of the tribute to commemorate the couturier’s official retirement in 2011. The stamp shows a party dress which is part of 25 dresses donated to the Madrid Costume Museum collection.
The King Juan Carlos I was proclaimed king of Spain in 1975 and since 1976, Correos de España has been issuing different definitive series featuring the portrait of the king. The value 0, 01 € is part of the definitive series issued on January 2, 2008. Thank you, Jean Pierre!

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