Tuesday, 25 September 2012


 The Chihou Lighthouse is one of the best known and most visited of all Taiwanese lighthouses and is located on the summit of Chihou Hill, at the north end of Cijin Island in Kaohsiung. The lighthouse was built by English technicians in 1883 during Ching Dynasty, after the port was opened to foreign trading. In 1916, the Japanese made an extensive renovation of the lighthouse as part of the expansion of Kaohsiung port. The lighthouse plays a crucial role in guiding ships since 1918 during night sailing. Chihou was one of the few major Taiwanese lighthouses to escape World War II undamaged. The 15 m (49 ft) octagonal cylindrical brick tower rises from a 1-story brick keeper's house. The light is still active and hosts a museum at the keeper's house.
On April 21, 1989 Taiwan Post issued a beautiful set  of fifteen definitive lighthouse stamps and the NT$7.50 stamp features the Huayu Lighthouse at Penghu Islands.
Taiwan released on March 8, 2006 a set of four "Pets" definitive stamps featuring two breeds of dog (Labrador and St. Bernard) and two breeds of cat (Siamese and Persian).  The NT$2.50 stamp brings the Labrador. Thank you, Yi-Ning.

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