Monday, 14 November 2011


The German Post issued on April 7th, 2011 a set of four stamps dedicated to the popular sports in the country and highlight important sport events taking place in Germany this year. The 55ct +25ct stamp illustrates a striker from the women’s soccer, sport which has developed rapidly in Germany in recent years. The third Women's Soccer World Cup was held in Germany from 26.06.2011 to 17.07.2011 and Japan won the final against the United States and became the first Asian team to win a FIFA World Cup.
 The traditional definitive Flower series, issued annually since 2005, makes people aware of beauty and diversity of flowers in gardens and open countryside of Germany.  The 35¢ stamp issued on January 2, 2006 depicts the dahlia, a flower native to Mexico, diverse in form and color and common as a garden plant. There are at least 36 species of dahlia, but thousands of hybrid varieties. The dahlias prefer a sunny location and the flowering period in Europe extends from June until October.
The Isle of Fehmarn lies in the Baltic Sea, off the eastern coast of Schleswig-Holstein, between Germany and Denmark, separating the Kiel Bay and the Mecklenburg Bay.  The Fehmarn-Belt-Waterway had been one of the most important shipping routes in the Baltic Sea in the last few centuries and still has great importance in our days for the passage from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. Fehmarn, which belonged to the Danish Kingdom in the 19th century, has an area of nearly 180 square miles and the Danish, and later the German built lighthouses at all corners of the island.
Three lighthouses face the German mainland: the tallest Flügge Light (54°26.456'N/11°01.060'E) lies at the southwestern tip of the island; the “little white” Strukkamphuk Light (54°24.562'N/11°05.736'E) stands near the Fehmarnsund Bridge and the Staberhuk Light (54°24.155'/ 11°18.651'E) is located on the southeastern point of Fehmarn.
The Westermarkelsdorf Light (54°31.641'N/11°03.484'E) shines in the northwest of the isle marking the western entrance to the Fehmarn Belt. The old and the new Marienleuchte Lights (54°29.698'N/ 11°14.293'E) stand at the island’s northeastern corner near the ferry terminal at Puttgarden, where ferries link Fehmarn to Denmark.

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