Friday, 22 July 2011


Warnemünde (means Warnow mouth) is a sea resort and city situated on the Baltic Sea in the northeast of Germany at the estuary of the river Warnow. The city is a centre of maritime traffic and is known for its historic lighthouse located in a public square near the west bank of the river.
The postcard shows the 12 m (40 ft) round metal tower built in 1998 and painted red with a white horizontal band between the galleries. This lighthouse is located on the east mole at the entrance to the river Warnow. There is a similar green lighthouse on the west mole and both are locally known as Die Zwillinge (the twins).
Germany released on February 3, 2011 a joint issue celebrating 150 years of German - Japan friendship depicting UNESCO World Heritage sites in both countries. Germany issued two stamps and Japan a souvenir sheet with ten stamps. The 0, 75€ German stamp presents the landmark of Regensburg, the Cathedral of St. Peter, the main and the greatest Gothic cathedral in Bavaria. Although the building works started as early as 1260, it was only finished in the 19th century. Thanks a lot, Renate.

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