Friday, 8 July 2011


The 2008 Dutch Christmas stamps present a different design of those traditional images associated with Christmas and New Year. Issued on November 18, the 10 self-adhesive stamps show a city view from above compounding an original mosaic of buildings and people. On the streets parents have their child in each hand; people talk to each other and wish each other happy new year. Christmas symbols like the bell, the fire, the tree and the candle are represented at the buildings and the city is also decorated with monumental Christmas cards and envelopes. The face value of stamps and other lettering are displayed on the pavement of the streets and are thus part of the illustration.
The port of Den Helder lies at the northern tip of Western Friesland, between the Waddenzee and the open North Sea, opposite the island of Texel. Den Helder is known as a naval town - which is not surprising, considering it is home to the country's main naval base, the Royal Netherlands Naval College and the Dutch Navy Museum.
Huisduinen is a village located just 2 km west of Den Helder where is located the tallest cast iron lighthouse in Europe: the 63.5 m (208 ft) 17-floor red tower Lange Jaap (“Long John”), first lit on April 1st, 1878. The 18 m (59 ft) square brick building on the postcard is a 5-story channel traffic control tower located about 600m (0, 4 mile) far from the Lange Jaap.

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