Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Cape Recife Lighthouse is situated at the southern entrance to Nelson Mandela Bay (Algoa Bay), adjacent to the Cape Recife Nature Reserve and about 20 km (12 mi) southeast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The 24 m (79 ft) octagonal brick tower is painted with black and white bands equipped with a radio beacon, fog signal and attached to 1-story keeper's house. It is South Africa's third oldest lighthouse, first lit on April 1st, 1851 on a rocky promontory surrounded by sand dunes and a variety of birdlife, mainly a penguin sanctuary. The tower is opened to guided tours.
South Africa is one of the most important fishing nations in Africa. Along an extensive coast there are coastal villages in the Indian Ocean with the warm Mozambique current to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean with the colder Benguela current to the west. South Africa Postal Administration issued on February 19, 2010 a set of 10 stamps presenting different aspects of the simple life of South Africa’s fisher folk. These stamps were designed by Jacoline Naudé and on the postcard we can appreciate the hard routine of fishermen sailing in their boat at sunrise to make their living. Thank you, Bruce!

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