Friday, 8 April 2011


The Eigerøy Lighthouse was erected in 1853-54 and first lit on November 16, 1854. It is Norway's first cast-iron light tower, prefabricated at Baerums Verk steel-works, and stands on an island, about 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Egersund. Cast iron towers proved eminently suitable for Norwegian weather and maritime conditions. The 33 m (108 ft) round cast iron tower is attached to a 2-story service building and painted red with one white horizontal band. At the top of the tower is still the great first-order lens from 1897. Automated in 1989, Eigerøy is fully operational and is open to visitors who have access to the lamp room after climbing 134 steps. The lighthouse is excellent for a day trip, by car or by boat and is open on Sundays during the summer.
Norway Post issued on April 17, 2009 its famous year’s tourist stamps, depicting natural phenomena and engineering skills in a set of six stamps named “National Tourist Routes”. On the postcard, we can see the Pot Rock (Kannesteinen) on Vågsøy Island: a beautiful and unique natural rock formation located on the farm of Nord-Oppedal and definitely one of the major tourist attractions in this area.

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