Saturday, 12 March 2011


Cape Spear is traditionally considered to be the easternmost location in North America, located about six miles from St. John's, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. In 1836 a lighthouse was built here at the entrance to St. John's Harbor: it was the second light to offer aid along the Newfoundland's coast.
After 119 years of service the old light was decommissioned and a new concrete building was built to house the light in 1955. The 11m (35 ft) white octagonal concrete tower is the current active lighthouse on the postcard. It is located about 180 m (200 yd) northeast of the original lighthouse. Cape Spear's location also makes it a great place to watch for birds, whales and dolphins.
Canada issued on January 17, 2011 a definitive stamp series called Baby Wildlife presenting four cutest and cuddly wildlife babies: Arctic hares, a red fox, two geese and a Polar bear. The $1.75 self adhesive stamp corresponds to the Canadian international rate.

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