Monday, 8 November 2010


This is presently the world's best known leaning lighthouse: the Kiipsaare Lighthouse located on the Harilaid peninsula, on the northwestern coast of Saaremaa Island, Estonia. The 25 m (82 ft) round cylindrical concrete tower, painted with black and white horizontal bands was built in 1933. Originally it was placed 25 meters from the coastline but endangered by beach erosion, the lighthouse stands now at the water's edge. The lighthouse is located at the Vilsandi National Park, a nature reserve on the Estonian island and it is possible to park the car at the entrance of the park and walk the remaining 5 km to the tower. Visit it soon, because it seems very likely the tower will collapse within a few years at most. 
In Estonian, a lighthouse is a tuletorn (fire tower). My postcard arrived with two beautiful lighthouse stamps: Vaindloo Tuletorn and Juminda Tuletorn.  The 2.50 stamp issued on September 25th, 1996 presents the Vaindloo Lighthouse, built in 1871 and located at the northernmost point of Vaindloo Island, in the Gulf of Finland. The other stamp brings the Juminda Lighthouse located at the tip of Juminda peninsula on Estonia’s northern shore. It was issued on March 8th, 2007 with a double face value 6.00 krooni / 0.38 €.

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