Thursday, 7 October 2010


Cap de Formentor is a spectacular bluff, located on the northernmost point of the Spanish Island Majorca and forms the eastern end of Formentor peninsula. A rather dramatic but extremely panoramic road climbs steeply uphill affording sensational views of the countryside below, bay and beaches. The imposing  22 m (72 ft) round masonry tower, attached to a 1-story keeper's house stands at the end of the road: Cap Formentor Lighthouse. The construction of this lighthouse was the most complicated one in all of the islands. The main problem was to transport materials by sea and after that by mule on a crooked trail. The lighthouse was first lit in 1863, converted to electric power in 1962 and today it operates on solar power.
Correos de España issued on February 16th, 2007 two self adhesive stamps of the series “Sciences of the Earth and the Universe”. The 0,30 € stamp is devoted to Basic Cartography and the 0,78 € issue presents the Radio Telescope of the Astronomic Centre of Yebes (Guadalajara). Thank you, José.

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