Friday, 8 October 2010


Two nice stamps issued in 2009 illustrate the cover sent by Paul, a new friend from Poland. The 1,95 zł stamp features the cherry (Cerasus avium), a popular and worldwide appreciated sweet fruit, cultivated mainly in Europe and in the United States. The stamp is part of the series “Flowers and Fruits” issued on August 5th. The 1,55 zł Christmas stamp issued on November 27th brings the image of angels singing Christmas carols in the background of the Christmas tree. 
In 2006 the Polish Post has issued the first part of the stamp series with lighthouses of the Polish seacoast. These two wonderful FDC present the four stamps of this collection issued in the Hel Post Office, on June 15th, 2007. Both envelopes show a typical lighthouse 1000 watts electric bulb. In Polish, a lighthouse is a "sea lantern," latarnia morska, plural latarnie morskie.

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