Thursday, 22 July 2010


Faulkner's Island Light is Connecticut's second oldest lighthouse and is located on a small island three and one half miles offshore from Guilford, Connecticut. After many shipwrecks on the rocks around the three-acre island, the 46 ft (14 m) octagonal brownstone tower was built in 1802 by stonemason Abisha Woodward. A unique feature of this lighthouse is the stairway, which emerges from a door at the watch room level and spirals outside to the gallery. In 1856, the light was upgraded from lamps to a fourth order Fresnel lens. In March 1976, a fire broke out in the keeper's house and the tower was scorched. Two years later the light was repaired and automated, with the fourth order lens being replaced by a modern optic and in 1988 the light was converted to solar power. The nonprofit Faulkner's Light Brigade works at the restoration and preservation of Faulkner Island and the lighthouse and organizes an annual open house in September.
U.S. Postal Service issued on August 11, 2009 the commemorative 20-stamp sheet “Early TV Memories” that honors 20 television icons. The Lone Ranger was an American radio and television popular show with the famous masked character Texas Ranger and his white horse Silver. On July 23, 2009, the US Postal Service continued its popular series of lighthouses stamps issuing five commemorative Gulf Coast Lighthouses stamps. The 44–cent stamp illustrates the white cast iron Biloxi Lighthouse located in in Biloxi,Mississippi. Thank you, Katherine.

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