Sunday, 11 July 2010


Jean Pierre sent me this cover and the lighthouses FDc to my collections. Thankyou, pal.
The French Post issued on June 13, a block with four stamps celebrating the 19th FIFA World Cup held in South Africa from June 11 to July 11, 2010. The block includes a savanna landscape decorated with the flags of 32 participating countries. Two of the four stamps illustrate soccer scenes, while the other two present South African views: one of the Parliament in Pretoria (administrative capital) and the other a view of Cape Town (legislative capital).
Portugal issued on June 12, 1987 a series of four stamps called Lighthouses of Portuguese Coast: Aveiro light (built in 1893), Berlenga light (built in 1842), Cape Mondego light (built in 1922) and Cape St. Vincent light (built in 1846).
This FDC presents the four stamps issued on June 9, 1988 by South African Post Office: 16¢ Pelican Point light (built in 1932 by the government of South Africa in Namibia), 30¢ Green Point light (built in 1824), 40¢ Cape Agulhas light (built in 1848) and 50¢ Umhlanga Rocks(built in 1954).
Australia issued on March 12, 2002 the four- stamp series presenting the following lighthouses: 45¢ Macquarie light (built in 1883), 49¢ Troubridge Island light (built in 1855), 49¢ Cape Naturaliste light (built in 1903) and $1.50 Cape Bruny light (built in 1838).

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