Sunday, 2 May 2010


My friend Emma sent me a nice viewcard of Wollongong in New South Wales.Wollongong is the only point on the eastern coast of Australia which has two lighthouses. The old Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse is located on the end of the breakwater and was built in 1871. The 12 m (40 ft) tapered round wrought iron tower, painted white, is inactive since 1974. Due to years of neglect the wrought iron plates, railing and footing had deteriorated so much that the lighthouse was considered for demolition in the 1970s, however the Wollongong community contributed to its full restoration in 1978-79. A complete restoration was begun in 2000 and the light was relit in connection with an international lighthouse conference in Sydney in 2002. Since then, the lighthouse is still lit up for special events like Breast Cancer Charity, for example. It is still the original configuration, divided into three storeys with wooden floors, each storey being connected by iron ladders.
On September 8, 2008 Australia Post issued a set of four stamps named Waterfalls Australia depicting four falls found around the country. The $1.40 value presents the popular Russell Falls in Tasmania’s Mt. Field National Park, located some 60 kilometers north-west of Hobart. Nestled among trees, the waterfall has two main drops of around 15 meters each, above which are smaller rock faces. The Falls Reserve was proclaimed Tasmania’s first nature reserve in 1885.

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