Sunday, 28 March 2010


My friend Paula sent me a cover and two views of the historic " Latarnia Morska Kołobrzeg" (in Polish, a lighthouse is a "sea lantern," latarnia morska).

Kołobrzeg is a city in north-western Poland located on the Parsęta River on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. The lighthouse is part of the history of Kolobrzeg, and lights are said to have been displayed here as early as 1666. In 1899 a new lighthouse was built here and it was a half-timbered, light construction, so it could have been easily deconstructed if necessary. A new brick lighthouse was built in 1909 and survived until the Second World War in such a shape. On 13th March 1945, the building was blown up by German sappers and almost immediately after the war its reconstruction began (1948).

The actual 26 m (85 ft) round cylindrical brick tower rises from a large round eighteenth-century fortification. Currently, the light of the beacon is electrically powered and there is a small museum in the lighthouse.

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