Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Murmansk is a city and seaport in the extreme north-west part of Russia, on the Kola Bay. A memorial in honor of the 85th anniversary of the city was opened near Lake Semyonovskoye in 2002. The memorial includes a 28 m (92 ft) hexagonal cylindrical tower, painted with red and white horizontal bands, the Lighthouse Monument. This lighthouse is not a genuine aid to navigation. There is a Memorial Hall in the basement part of the lighthouse, each wall of the hall is devoted to the memory of fishermen who perished at sea in peacetime, to sea transport workers, to military seamen, and to pilots of shipborne aviation. There is also a Memorial Book containing the names of those who did not return from the sea. These include the crew of the nuclear submarine Kursk, pride of the Northern Fleet, which sank with the loss of all 118 on board in the Barents Sea in 2000 - Russia's worst peacetime naval disaster and a tremendous blow to national pride.
On April, 1st, 2009 Russia issued a four-stamp souvenir sheet celebrating the 200th anniversary of birth of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (1809 – 1852), Russian novelist, humorist, and dramatist. The stamps present images and characters of Gogol’s plays and novels: the 9.00 RUB value features the old Cossack, Taras Bulba, from the historical religious novel by Gogol.
Russia issued an architecture series of four bridge stamps on August, 12, 2009 and the 6.00 RUB value on the postcard shows the railroad Sartakov bridge over the river Oka.
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