Friday, 1 January 2010


This is the Brazilian first issue in 2010: the Corrida de Reis Road Race. The stamp will be issued on January 10th and highlights the importance of road races in Brazil, especially the traditional Corrida de Reis Road Race, which has been held in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso state, ever since 1985. The name of the race pays tribute to the Three Wise Men, the “Reis Magos” (a religious event celebrated on January 6th). The ten-kilometer course starts in the neighbouring town of Várzea Grande where the runners cross the Sérgio Mota Bridge (over Cuiabá river) and ends in Cuiabá.

The stamp shows a stylized image of the start of the race which takes place near to the Sérgio Mota Bridge, in the municipality of Várzea Grande, which is part of Greater Cuiabá. The upper right hand corner features a medal of the type awarded to the athletes.

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Norma said...

congratulations I think they are very beautiful, and keep on doing what you love!!!!