Sunday, 21 June 2009


Konstantinos from Greece sent me a cover celebrating Louis Braille bicentenary and stamps on it. Greece issued a commemorative series on March 30, 2009 celebrating Anniversaries and Events with eight stamps. We have two values on this cover: 200 years from the birth of Louis Braille (0,57euros) and National Real Estate Registry (3,00 Euros).
On 16 December, 2008 Greek Post issued a set of five stamps named Fairy Tales presenting stories of the folklore and mythology. The stamp on the cover (0,10 Euros) represents the tale of the Mermaid and Alexander the Great.
On June 20, 2008 Greece released a stamp celebrating 180 years of Hellenic Post. The stamp shows the interior of a post office agency, the logo of Greek Post and the number 180.

Official prepaid postcard celebrating the bicentenary of birth of Louis Braille.


My friend Thomas from Belgium sent me this cover with the commemorative stamp of the bicentenary of birth of Louis Braille issued in February 2009. The 1 euro value brings the image of hands reading a text in braille, the portrait of Louis Braille and his name embossed on the stamp in braille alphabet.
Two definitive stamps from the series Birds complete the cover: issued on April 6, 2009 the value 27 cents depicts the bécasse des bois (Scolopax rusticola), a woodcock found in temperate woodland of Eurasia. The 23 cents value issued on March 26, 2007 features the choucas des tours (Corvus monedula), a black-plumage jackdaw.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Dear friends,

I am in Madrid, Spain since 31 May and will spend fourteen days in the country (Barcelona, Granada and Sevilla). I will return to Brazil on June 14th, so I can not answer (send) letters until my return.
Visiting the main philatelic store of Correos de Espana and buying mint stamps from Spain and Andorra.

Visiting a stamp dealer near Plaza Mayor (Filatelica Arias) where I bought many thematic stamps to my collections.