Friday, 27 March 2009


This postcard arrived from Germany sent by Gabriella. Construction of the neoclassicist Paulskirche (St. Paul's Church) in Frankfurt am Main started in 1789, but was completed only in 1833. It was used as a protestant church until 1848, when it became the meeting place for the Parliament (Vorparlament). From March 31 1848 until April 3, they prepared the elections for the German National Assembly, the first freely elected parliament of Germany. On May 18, 1848 the National Assembly met for the first time in the church, and was, therefore, named the Paulskirchenparlament. Until 1849, the National Assembly worked in the church to develop a constitution for a united Germany.
During World War II, allied bombings completely destroyed the Paulskirche together with most of Frankfurt's historic center. Because of its historic significance, the Paulskirche was the first building reconstructed after the war. The Paulskirche reopened on the 100th anniversary of Germany's first parliament. Today the building is only used for public functions and special events.
On July 12, 2007 German Post issued two lighthouse stamps (Leuchtturme), one of them (Hornum) is placed on the right corner of the postcard. Hornum lighthouse was built in 1907 on the island of Sylt, in northern Germany. The slim red/white tower is 17m high and stands at the southernmost point of the island on a sand dune around 30m high. A spiral staircase leads visitors to an outside walkway where they can enjoy a breathtaking view of Sylt.
Deutsche Post repeated the theme in 2008 with more two stamps: Amrum and Warnemunde lighthouses. The Amrum lighthouse is located in the southern part of the German island of Amrum, North Sea coast. The red/white tower is 41.8 meters tall and its lights reach about 23.3 nautical miles. Constructions were taken up in 1873 and finished in November 1874. The Amrum Lighthouse was officially activated on January 1, 1875 and was the first German lighthouse to be erected in Nordfriesland. In 1936, the lantern was electrified and the last keeper left the lighthouse in 1984 when the facility had become automated.

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