Friday, 30 January 2009


My friends Ken and Gunilla, collectors of blind stamps, sent me a rich material from France: cover, mint stamp and FDC celebrating the bicentenary of birth of Louis Braille. The FDC shows us the stone house in which Louis Braille was born. Situated in Coupvray (at number13, Louis Braille street) the house is now a museum in honor of his life and work. A marble plaque is attached to the outside of the house. The words on the plaque, written in French on the left and English on the right, speak of Louis’ raised dot alphabet that make it possible for people who are blind to read and write: "In this house on January 4, 1809 was born Louis BRAILLE, the inventor of the system ofwriting in raised dots for use by the blind. He opened the doors of knowledge to all those who cannot see".

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